Don’t like my words

Say they’re absurd

Don’t like my delivery

If Jesus was here don’t think he’d agree

Dirt and stones will hide your bones

Can’t see a point of view besides your own

Truth is heavy the gold in your mind

What you’re looking for is there it’s just between the lines

Will God look like you imagined him to be

House of perfection beyond the glass you can’t see

Wisdom don’t come free it is elusive

Your way of thinking ain’t exclusive

Need to learn humility

Think it’s about you but it’s really we

You can’t sow a garden

Without getting dirty beg your pardon

Throw down the shovel fall to your knees and dig

Cut your fingers on rock you’ll bleed and find you’re not so big

Beauty is the eye of the beholder

Most realize this as we get older

Some think they run the show

Looking at the world from the top but not at what’s below

The ugly, the wretched, the vulgar will inherit the earth

The ones you throw away the ones you say have no worth

You step on us on your way to take your holy bath

But the truth is we are the ones who ARE the path

The day will come when you fall yourself

Where you’re going you can’t take all your wealth

Take another look around

New perspective from the ground

That will be the day you’ll see

Encased in filth it’s arms will set you free

Earth and ashes beneath the crust

Lie in the grave you dug turning to dust

When you get back to the place from where you came

You’ll realize we were always the same

Published by ldinlove

I am an eccentric blogger and artist. I used to live off-grid, which makes for some great stories. :)

2 thoughts on “Crucifixion

  1. Pretty dark. You ok?

    On Sun, Jan 9, 2022, 8:04 PM Depression And Anxiety: My Search For Answers wrote:

    > ldinlove posted: ” Don’t like my words Say they are absurd Don’t like my > delivery I bet Jesus himself would laugh if he came to me Dirt and stones > don’t break my bones A point of view ain’t all your own Like gold it’s hard > to find Read between the line” >

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    1. Yeah. I posted some raunchy political jokes I made up in the wrong venue and was…crucified. I thought they were hilarious and still do but the content pushes sensitivities. How are you? I’ve been buried in the snow and with responsibilities. Need to come up for air sometime soon. I deleted the jokes but I feel whipped.

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